So long, farewell and all that jazz

I reckon it’s time I hang up my Sober Garden blogging boots.

The weight of my blogging rucksack is making me stoop, and on the odd occasion when I have the stomach for unzipping it and having a look inside, I find it empty. But before I go, I wanted to take time to thank each and every one of you who has ever read and responded to my posts both in this current blog and the first (since deleted) Sober Garden blog. Without your support and understanding and humour and compassion I would not be here, at this table at this hour on a Friday night – or on any day of the week for that matter – sober. I absolutely mean this to be true. You have my heartfelt gratitude and at whatever stage of life you’re at, I wish you well. I will keep an eye out for you! And offer comments and support where I can. I might even use my real name.

I feel scared to even write it but…so long, farewell and all that jazz. Until we next meet, I’m sending love to you from The Sober Garden and again, THANK YOU x.