You’re not going to find your mojo while treading water and gasping for air

Greetings from me, the middle-aged mojo hunter! It’s been a while. I appear to have spent a month or two drifting ever further away from what honestly matters to me. I can’t articulate it here because I’m too tired to think straight and I’ve drifted too far away from my core to know what’s what. I do know this: it’s easy to drift when all your energy is used to tread water and keep your head above the waves that relentlessly crash past. Sometimes it just feels like there’s no let up.

Thanks if you’re still reading…I know I’m not making much sense.

Last weekend I stopped gasping for air long enough to notice it was autumn. Recognising a physical need to connect with nature and to be with my children and husband, I made the time to go for a woodland walk with my family. It was, I hope, the start of re-connecting with the world as I see it. My mojo is hidden somewhere deep in this connection, I’m sure of it.

Enough waffle (thankfully, you cry!). Here are some photos from our walk, featuring fantastical fungi…


My new favourite colour

2016-10-23 16.26.59.jpg

Like forest jelly-fish

Love from The Sober Garden x.




7 thoughts on “You’re not going to find your mojo while treading water and gasping for air

  1. Okay, there are two ways I can go at this…. I can lie and say “this to shall pass”, but I’d be lying. It sounds cute and quaint and there is a pinch of truth to it, but it’d be mostly crap.

    Here’s the good news on top of the bad… If life doesn’t keep coming at you, like your treading water metaphor, you’re not growing. Life is always going to come at you. The good news is that if we continue to work at it, we get a LOT better at living life on life’s terms. In other words, eventually you’ll learn to swim – and once you do, life gets a lot better. Just keep coming back.

      • Thank you, my friend. ; )
        In my vast vast experience of seven months’ sober (today!), I am finding out that my anxiety usually points to the fact that I am not loving myself in some way. Kind of silly sounding, I know, but it works. If your outer world reflect your inner world, and not the other way around, then it’s your inner world that has to change. If I watch my thoughts, I will see that I am blaming myself somewhere. I am allowing thoughts of guilt or inadequacy to gain traction in my brain, and that will always lead to disquiet and pain manifested in some other way. Or, I am not honoring myself in a relationship, not giving myself time to be creative, not giving myself peace of mind through long walks, etc. I am selling myself short because I feel guilty for not being “productive.” If I take this long walk, who will clean the refrigerator? I try to refocus on being kind to myself FIRST, and then everything else seems to follow.
        Give it a try sometime, if this resonates with you. I would be interested to hear what happens.
        Don’t quit before the miracles have a chance to take hold. ; )

  2. Dear SG,
    I know this fall here has been simply beautiful.
    Every time I go for a walk with Mr. UT, we see something that is inspiring.
    I don’t know very much, but what I do know is that life is a bit nutty.
    I hope today finds you a little more at peace.

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