You’re not going to find your mojo while treading water and gasping for air

Greetings from me, the middle-aged mojo hunter! It’s been a while. I appear to have spent a month or two drifting ever further away from what honestly matters to me. I can’t articulate it here because I’m too tired to think straight and I’ve drifted too far away from my core to know what’s what. I do know this: it’s easy to drift when all your energy is used to tread water and keep your head above the waves that relentlessly crash past. Sometimes it just feels like there’s no let up.

Thanks if you’re still reading…I know I’m not making much sense.

Last weekend I stopped gasping for air long enough to notice it was autumn. Recognising a physical need to connect with nature and to be with my children and husband, I made the time to go for a woodland walk with my family. It was, I hope, the start of re-connecting with the world as I see it. My mojo is hidden somewhere deep in this connection, I’m sure of it.

Enough waffle (thankfully, you cry!). Here are some photos from our walk, featuring fantastical fungi…


My new favourite colour

2016-10-23 16.26.59.jpg

Like forest jelly-fish

Love from The Sober Garden x.