Shed some light

The world can oftentimes seem dark, lit only by flashes of hatred and harm. Ego, jealousy, greed, fear – many things can smother the light and bound the heart tight. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at such times and take comfort under a blanket of secrets and lies, hiding away from truth and kindness and love.

But we need not live that way.

Each and every one of us has the power to live honestly; to share, to love and shed light into the darkest corners.

Today is a good day to be reminded of this, as horror fills our news feeds and hatred spills out in to our streets and in to our neighbours’ streets, just as it did yesterday and will do tomorrow. It is always a good time, it is always the right time, to go shed some light.

Love from The Sober Garden xx.

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Picture by artist Marie Cardouat





Too good not to share!

I was going to post about ‘honesty’ this evening but I’ve been distracted by a brilliant “P.S.” on Heya, Monster’s blog, at the end of a post celebrating her one year sober! You can read the whole post HERE but I so loved the postscript, I wanted to share it in The Sober Garden. So, here it is:


p.s. To those considering sobriety, perhaps just try it and see. What’s the harm? If, like me, you’ve tried counting drinks, setting limits, setting rules, jumping through the hoops of justifying the morning-after drink, or the drink at 5 o’clock-even-though-yesterday-was-an-alcoholic-blur, or if you’ve covertly picked up another bottle because it was on your way, or next to the grocery store anyway, or if you’re planning get-togethers with friends because it gives you the opportunity to drink in a group, an alibi, but then later by yourself, or if you’ve drunk by yourself and secretly filled your glass, or watched the bottle level go lower and lower and you’re not getting enough while everyone else seems to, or if you’ve hidden bottles away from your people and then gotten rid of the empty bottles when no one’s looking….. If you’ve done any or all of that, what would be the harm in just trying sobriety for a day or a week, just to see how it goes? What I discovered was that Sobriety is a whole lot less work than drinking ever was. It was actually easier…. on my life, on my health, on my well-being, on my peace-of-mind. Reach out to us here, if you want someone to listen to your story, or if you have questions. There are so many of us here who have been where you are. And, to be sure, I do not have all the answers, nor is my journey done. I still choose sobriety every day, and sometimes that choice is a lot harder than others, but? To me, it is always worth it and proves itself to be day in and day out. Love, -HM.