A new book

I’ve got myself a new book. Well, it’s new to me. It actually originally belonged to my husband and according to the inscription inside, we gave it to him on Father’s Day nine years ago. Apart from a few pages he’s filled with jokes and comical observations, its sheets are blank. It has been hidden amongst the linen in a drawer under our bed for-like-ever but I’ve always known it was there. I asked him if I could use it. (An empty book is irresistible, isn’t it?). He said yes.

It’s a book to help me remember. An aide memoir for the middle-aged. I don’t mean to fill it with appointments, or to do lists, or blah blah blah. I’m going to fill it with the names of places that make me say “Oh, I’d love to go there,” or the book titles that make me say, “I’d love to read that,” or the names of old friends that make me say, “I’d love to see her/him again.” You get the picture.

And talking of pictures…here’s a photo of My New Book. Ta dah!



I’m looking forward to discovering what I’ll choose to write in it.

Tomorrow will be the book’s first entry. And tomorrow is also a five months sober anniversary for me. This not totally unchartered territory – I have been without booze for five months before, back in 2014, but then I was five months sober and full of anger and fear and grief for having ‘lost’ booze. This time it does feel different. It feels simpler. I’ve just let alcohol go. I’m rid of it. I’ve jettisoned some of the heavy stuff – and life is all the more lighter because of it.

Back to My New Book! What would you, or do you, write in yours? Do tell; I’m very nosy and a good listener.



28 thoughts on “A new book

  1. I write a lot of what’s going on inside and gratitude list as well. I also write my prayers in there and I keep writing on it everyday!It helps me go through life’s mess and joys. Your book looks nice!

  2. I like the gratitude list idea suggested above!

    I’d come up with a list of holiday destinations that aren’t the ‘lie on the beach with a cocktail’ types. Come up with amazing places you can spend your days exploring rather than loading up on booze (which you may as well be doing from home).

  3. I was going to suggest a gratitude list. I had several books in the early days of my recovery where I wrote gratitude lists daily and did my step 10 inventory work in and other thoughts feelings etc about recovery.

  4. Love the book cover.. that inspires thoughts of travel! I have an empty journal – it was meant for recording funny things our little ones do & say, as I know we’ll forget them as time goes on. I’d love to have it to read through when they’re older at family gatherings etc. Red xx

  5. I mostly fill mine with the blah blah blah variety, but I’m struck by your mention of being curious and a good listener. Snippets of overheard conversations while in line at the grocery story could be good. Or something funny (or not) a family member or friend tells you. Maybe what you thought of the book you listed and then read, or what was your least and most favorite part about the place you finally visited. The possibilities are endless. Oh I love a blank slate too.

    • I am USELESS when it comes to maintaining adequate hydration levels. I could always drink too much of the stuff that’s bad for you but still haven’t got into the habit of drinking enough water. How do you work that one out?! x

  6. I do a spiritual kind of back and forth with the great divine, God, my higher self, whatever you want to call it … I write down questions and then listen for the answers. It sounds a little woo woo but it works! Pretty soon, you are hearing answers you know you are not smart enough to have come up with. If you try it, let me know how it works. ; )

  7. Congrats on 5 months!!!! Goodness, I am the worst journal-er ever but if I did keep one, I’d write what I was most grateful for that day, the best part of my day, the worst/hardest part, what I learned, and how I felt about each. Plus I’d love to devote part of it to a sort of verbal “vision board” for the future. Snippets of funny things I’d heard or experienced would be good too.

    • Me too; there are lots of unfinished books around our house. I have completion issues, I know. ‘Yoga ideas’ intrigues me. I’ve never made a habit of yoga but it seems like such a creative and spiritual exercise for so many.

  8. OOoooh. I love a blank book too 🙂 The real fun is when you find one that you have abandoned long ago and read about what you made it through. I also love to write funny things I hear, great thing my kids say and awesome quotes that inspire me.


  9. I’ve kept a journal for years. I write mostly about milestones these days; accomplishments, changes, challenges. It’s very therapeutic. Throwing in gratitude stuff is a good idea!

    • I had to look up a definition of milestone (just to make sure I knew what I meant). Here it is; ‘milestone’ – a significant stage or event in the development of something. I like it. Thanks for dropping by Nelson. I’m off to check out your blog.

  10. Lists…. things to do, things I’ve found, works of art I love, new things, sparkly things, sparkly people.

    All the stuff I want to do, or have just found out about and don’t want to forget….



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