Alcohol’s Shame

Well, this is new to me; a feeling of hatred towards alcohol. I see the destruction, the mistrust and the ruin it causes and I see that misery everywhere; from my own home to the anonymous on the streets of cities a thousand miles away.

No-one is a better parent, friend or partner after too much to drink. No-one is a better judge of character, or reasoner, or listener after too much to drink. And it’s so, so, SO easy to drink too much.

The staggering thing is, that although nobody is EVER better off for alcohol abuse and everyone knows this, I mean it is not some state-hidden secret or anything, it is still so cheap, so available, so everywhere.

It’s a shame. A real shame.

13 thoughts on “Alcohol’s Shame

  1. It’s not a shame. The shame is that we abuse it. There are literally billions of people out there who drink reasonably and responsibly. Just a thought to kick around.

  2. I would be tempted to take a neither black nor white position, but a grey one. We cannot blame a bullet for a homicide, but the shooter is always solely culpable. But in some ways, alcohol presents a greater danger than bullets, in part because of the glorifying marketing schemes its producers utilize, and also due to how insidious the development of a dependency on it can be – how it often comes about unawares.

    It’s never easy to find absolutes in these matters. But as far as absolute good is concerned, I know of one: sobriety. Ironically, I believe that sobriety can be appreciated more deeply by those who have struggled with alcohol abuse, than it can be by those who have never had a sip. The shame that is alcohol in some ways enabled me to live a most glorious sobriety. Think of how glorious life must have seemed to Lazarus upon leaving behind his tomb.

  3. It’s like a sacred cow. Speak out against it and people get riled up in a hurry. Guess what industry spends the most in the world to delude people into thinking the poison it’s selling is healthy, fun, and safe? I am in a beach town now, getting a close-up view of a culture laid waste by drinking. I am so glad that today, I am not sitting on the next barstool. ; )

  4. I see the destruction around me, too.
    And it’s the hidden abuse that is scary.
    The problem, as I see it, is it is so cheap and available, and easy to use.
    Here in Minnesota and Wisconsin there is a lot of binge drinking.
    PS – And I am SO happy I am not drinking today!!

  5. I had a discussion with Lou once in which I likened the freedom to consume alcohol with the freedom to drive a car – as a society and as individuals we consider the rewards to justify the risks.

    very rough statistics for the UK show the following, which is consistent with a detailed study in the US:

    – 20% non drinkers
    – 60% drinking below maximum govt levels
    – 20% drinking above maximum levels

    of that 20%, around half – i.e. 10% of the total – drink at extremely hazardous levels of 75 units per week and upwards.

    of course the other 90% may have once been in the 10% – or may be on their way there 😦

    commercial interests continue to outweigh the interests of 20% of our society. I hope we will see a change in this in years to come – I am doing my bit now!

  6. It’s a poison. Really. A poison that has the power to fixate and captivate us to the point of destruction. Blech.

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