A beautiful bottom

I have had a recent “My Lack of Fitness Effects my Quality of Life” moment of clarity – a sort of hitting bottom but with no drama, just a realisation that I need to change my sedentary lifestyle for an active one. Actually I have known for at least six months (and the rest) that I need to make space in my life for exercise but I pushed that knowledge way down, deep down, so in fact it was going to take a hitting of bottom of sorts to spur me on to change. As I said, there was no drama. Just wonderful views. It went something like this:

We went for a walk last weekend before the rain came and while the skies were still blue. I often bemoan living in this remote part of England but I have to acknowledge that its remoteness is one of the things that make it so beautiful.

We walked up the steps of a favourite lookout tower. The wind was sharp but the air was sweet with winter sunshine. My companions raced on ahead. Phew, I was hot. I was shocked to feel how much the effort made my legs ache. I was quite out of breath even before we reached the top and my legs were wobbly.

Once at the top, the view to our left looked like this:

Sheringham Park 1.jpg


At this point, I have to confess that the lookout tower is really not very high. Sure, the views from it are wonderful but the walk to reach the top doesn’t begin at sea level or anything – far from it. The truth is, someone in their middle age and in good health should not have been making the noises that were escaping from my grimacing mouth. And I felt the burn baby.


To our right, the view looked like this:

Sheringham Park.jpg

As bottoms go, this was very beautiful.

I was embarrassed by how long it took me to appreciate the views, with my head down, trying to recover my breath. But it’s what needed to happen to make me realise that for the sake of physical and emotional well-being, now is the time to act. A daily commitment to not drinking alcohol, teaches that in order to succeed at anything, focus, commitment, practise and self-care are essential.

On Day 66 with no booze and Day 2 of a new commitment to exercise, I’m raising my glass (a mug actually) to getting stronger; step by step, practising and focusing on the here and now and taking in the sights along the way.  Cheers! Tomorrow, I am going to park the car a little way off work and walk the rest of the way. Easy does it.

Love from The Sober Garden x.


14 thoughts on “A beautiful bottom

    • It’s simple if you take it step by step I guess…not a forte of mine but I’ll give it a go! The views around here are a motivation for sure. And yep, you are so right, walking is wonderful x.

  1. baby steps, baby…sounds like a great plan. such wonderful views, thanks for sharing! I would love to walk by the sea soon – I shall think how I can make that happen! xx

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