A gentle reminder to go gentle on yourself

Thank you taking a new path for bringing attention to this sweet animation. Here’s to spreading the love and sharing likewise. It’s only four and a bit minutes long, so treat yourself and have a watch… Love from The Sober Garden x.







8 thoughts on “A gentle reminder to go gentle on yourself

  1. This is a wonderful animation and so appropriate for me. I was harshly criticized by both parents as a child and developed perfectionism and an obsession with over achievement to compensate. Even now I am 11 years clean and all my mental health problems and addictions are finally in recovery I am often still harsh on myself. So when I make a slight mistake I will say to myself “for F***K’s sake” which is so aggressive. Also in recovery I find it very difficult to express anger to other people and we are also encouraged in recovery to look at “our” part in things which also makes it difficult to express anger. All my anger therefore comes out on myself, which is not a good thing. I need to become better at vocalising anger in recovery, obviously in a non-aggressive way. .

  2. Ohhh. I really love this and it feels as though he is talking directly to me (life is so magic, as my 5yo says!) Thank you so much! So pleased to have found your blog, too. Your writing is beautiful!

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