Presents for being present for 50 days!

Yesterday marked 50 days of sobriety in The Sober Garden.

Relief, gratitude, a sense of freedom, love and the feeling of progression are sober-living bedfellows. Negative feelings can muscle their way in too of course (this past week anxiety and fear have both made an appearance) but a daily dose of swaiso exercise throws those bad boys out. Really, swaiso is working here. The early morning practise of swinging your arms, whilst grounded and standing firm, and concentrating on any negativity that you want rid of, helps hugely in keeping honest and open in every way – physically, emotionally and mentally.

So, adios fear and anxiety and hello 50 Day Presents! Yes, there have been treats in The Sober Garden. I bought myself a Nutribullet. Small yet mighty and very shiny, I don’t know who loves it more, me or my children. The last 50 days have re-kindled my taste buds love for life’s good stuff. No fruit, veg, seed or nut is safe from being pulverised by my new beautiful blender (sorry, I mean ‘extractor’).  Weight-loss and beauty must surely follow…?!?!

And there’s more…Last night to celebrate we went out as a family to the cinema and held hands and ate chocolate and stayed up too late. Perfect. And earlier in the week my husband bought two dinner plates to replace two that were smashed at the start of the year. He had quietly put them on the dresser with the other plates and just pointed them out to me. Without putting a bow on them, I know they’re a congratulations present for 50 days sobriety.

One more present. I’ve started writing poetry again.

Living and not stagnating is a marvellous thing.


 Love to you all out there x.

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