I’m jettisoning the heavy stuff, reaching ever upwards. The next thing to chuck overboard – or off my back because that’s how it feels – is Preoccupation With Perfectionism. Perfectionism goes nowhere and it goes nowhere forever. It blocks creativity, it prevents sharing, it stands in the way of doing. And there’s little chance of enjoying peace if you’re obsessing over how perfect it has to be.

Every morning first thing, while the day is still pure and I’ve not yet opened my mouth to fill the air with meaningless noise, I do my swaiso exercise and imagine I’m physically throwing perfectionism out of my body, mind and heart. And it feels great. Shaking off perfectionism (or swinging it out if you’re still in swaiso mode) makes it possible to try new stuff, to pursue dreams, to love and be loved. You can – dare I even imagine the relief, the joy?! – be honest with yourself.

Here’s a definition of perfect;

perfect adjective:  having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Perfection is here and within us already! I’m not the cleverest but even I can appreciate that to constantly strive for something that is only as good as it is possible to be is not a good use of precious time.
Here’s to a life well-lived. Here’s to appreciating every moment, the good and the bad. Here’s to an end to holding back, to only dipping a toe in to life for fear of it not being perfect. It is what it is.
Love from the Sober Garden x.


4 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Letting go of the perfectionist in me is still work-in-progress…. see isn’t that the perfectionist saying I can’t be a perfect non-perfectionist therefore I’m failing! DOH!

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