Practising a daily activity can really help you find your way through early sobriety, to manage those early counting-and-striking-them-off sober days. This advice was given by the authors of taking a new path and ByeByeBeer, wise women both and both seriously tooled up from long-term sober experience.

An activity could be anything – a ten minute jog, a bubble-bath (with chocolate). I am no action hero and initially I was stumped. But for the last two weeks, first thing in the morning before the day has left its mark and my head fills with whatever it fills with, I have been practising swaiso and it is serving me well.

The word ‘swai’ literally means to ‘swing’ or to ‘throw away’ and swaiso exercise involves swinging the arms back and forth with the feeling of throwing out negative energy, ridding the cause of blocks, tensions and anxiety. Have a look at this video…Raj Kumar Dham (below) will make you smile.



Love from The Sober Garden x.


4 thoughts on “Swaiso

  1. My understanding of scales on the guitar was vastly improved in my early recovery. I’d go upstairs in the music room pick up a guitar and… no inspiration the bit in my head about drinking would be rabbiting away. So I’d play a scale and another – trying to link them together etc. Just to be doing something to distract me from the chatter.
    My daughter was telling me I should do Tai-Chi in the mornings… No chance I’m a grumpy middle aged commuter – still might start some conversation on the London bound platform as I wait for the 7:17 if I started this kind of stuff… 😉

    • That’s just the spot for a bit of Tai-Chi! Or maybe not. I work in a very rural spot – I could swaiso away in my lunch hour but I fear I’d scare the cows. Thanks for commenting, it’s reminded me to tune our neglected piano. And it’s reminded me that scales are a FANTASTIC activity.

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