Sober today

I am drawn to ainsobriety’s words in ‘Sober Today’ like a sunflower to light and have found myself going back to re-read time and time again. For anyone else in need of some light shone on their path, I’m sharing ainsobriety’s fabulous post in The Sober Garden.


Perhaps you are new to sobriety and struggling. Perhaps you have already started drinking even though you had planned to have a sober holiday.

Regardless of what happened yesterday, you can be sober today.

Tomorrow morning you can decide what comes next. Today, Focus on one day at a time. It’s really all we have anyway.

Enjoy this moment to the fullest. Give your family the gift of your presence and your attention. The only way to do that is clear headed and unaltered. Drinking makes no one a better spouse or parent. No one.

You might have to say no to a party today. There will be other parties. Put yourself first.

Stillness and peace

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